Pinnacle on 14th Avenue, CHBA Finalist-Best Electronic Promotion

The sales and marketing team at Ideal Developments works hard to develop successful marketing campaigns that leave an impact and was recently acknowledged as a “Finalist” in creating the best marketing electronic promotion.

This marketing campaign targeted second-time buyers looking for more space to accommodate family and has a budget of around $2,000,000. This customer is looking for luxury and the ability to customize the home to better suit the needs of their family.

The E.blast campaign targeted a professional demographic who views buying a home as an investment and value proposition, while looking for key attributes that are a reflection of self, specifically luxury features and innovative design.

The Pinnacle E.blast was deployed to a database of over 900 leads that were anxiously waiting for the project release date. True to this anticipation, over 60% of registrants RSVP’d for their opportunity to purchase at Pinnacle on 14 th Avenue. The launch was successful, achieving 90% of sales within two weeks.