Lifestyle plus location

Lifestyle plus location determine success of new community

Forget the old axioms that only three things count in real estate-location, location, location.

In today’s new home market there are but two key factors: Location and lifestyle.

New homebuyers today are increasingly sophisticated and have a clear sense of what they are looking for. For a good many of them buying a new home will be a major decision. They know what they want in a home and a lifestyle.

More and more buyers are looking outside the GTA and will compare communities to see what each community offers.


Checklist for buying a home and location.

When looking for a home, community is important. More and more builders realize the importance of community living. Lifestyle has two faces. The first is what amenities already exist for new residents and the second is deciding on what amenities are important to you when choosing where you want to buy your next home.

 Checklist for buying a home and location.

Neighborhood–  Choose a neighbourhood that is closest to your lifestyle and personality-a place where you will feel comfortable and is close   to places you visit often such as the grocery store.


School District   The school district is certainly an important consideration. Check out the ranking of the schools in the community you are     considering.


Proximity to Work – The length of your daily commute can have a major impact on your lifestyle, disposable income and quality of life. How close to your work do you


Safety– For most people, safety is a top consideration. Feeling safe in your home and community is important.


Leisure Activities – What do you enjoy doing in your free time? If you love to go out to eat, you might not be happy living somewhere with few     restaurants. On the other hand, if your favorite thing to do is stay home, you might have more choices available to you when it comes to this aspect of choosing your location.

Once you’ve narrowed down the factors that are most important to you can begin to search new home communities to find your next home.

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