To enrich the lives of those in need by providing homes for every“one, to keep families together and call upon others to do the same



To provide homes, inspire hope and contribute to the development of sustainable communities through an integrated approach in the developing world.


Core Values

We believe that every person, no matter how adverse the circumstances, deserves to live in a safe, comfortable and affordable home.

We will assist residents to identify the strengths of their community and leverage their knowledge, skills and experience to help their neighbourhoods become stronger.

We will invest in programs that help create neighbourhoods that are vibrant, where residents can experience a sense of economic and social well-being.

Our leadership will maintain the highest level of personal integrity and commitment to our goals.

We will seek to provide quality opportunities for personal and professional growth of people in need of homes.

We will raise funds and operate with the utmost of integrity, accountability and transparency.

We will provide opportunities for the community to use their resources and provide.


Through Ideal Hope, we are introducing a new program that will give every Ideal homebuyer the power to make a true difference without lifting a hand or spending an extra dollar. We call it Build Haven and what it means, is this: For every home that Ideal Developments sells, we will also build a home for a deserving family in the developing world. That means when a family buys a home from Ideal, they can help change the lives of a family in need.It’s a simple, but profound idea. Buy one; give one. It’s the first program of its kind in Canada, and perhaps the world. And it speaks to the heart of what Ideal Developments is all about. We’re a homebuilder and we want to make the lives of our buyers better and make the world a better place at the same time.

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