Ideal Hope Foundation – A Success Story

The Ideal Hope Foundation was established to enrich the lives of those in need by providing homes for everyone, to keep families together and call upon others to do the same. Its mission is to provide homes, inspire hope and contribute to the development of sustainable communities in the developing world. This will be accomplished through an integrated approach to both the funding and implementation of Ideal Hope.

Ideal Developments shares this same philosophy, and to this end established the Build Haven program.

The Buildhaven program gives Ideal Developments homebuyers the power to make a true difference without lifting a hand or spending an extra dollar. We call it Buildhaven and what it means, is this: For every home that Ideal Developments sells, we will also build a home for a deserving family in the developing world.

In Summer 2015, Ideal Developments successfully launched Modern Manors, a unique collection of 60 modern inspired homes in Richmond Hill, starting from the 400’s with sizes ranging from 885 sq.ft up to 1329 sq.ft. These homes feature an abundance of outdoor living space, including rooftop terraces and patios, suites that are appointed with the finest finishes, open concept layouts, and professional inspired kitchens that deliver the ultimate culinary experience.

Buildhaven is the first program of its kind in Canada, perhaps the world, and represents a strong philosophy of giving back to those in need. This program goes beyond building homes and rebuilds communities as a whole.

Buildhaven works with a level of transparency and integrity and open for others to participate. Customers can take pride in knowing that they contributed directly to improving the lives of those in need simply by purchasing a home from Ideal Developments, where dreams truly do become a reality. Pictures of these moments will be shared on, and customers will be given contact information and pictures of their partner family so that the bond established between them can continue into the future should they wish.

Buildhaven speaks to the heart of what Ideal Developments is all about. A home builder who wants to make the lives of their customers and the world a better place at the same time.

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