Ideal Developments gets innovative by installing a car elevator in the City of Toronto

Dragon Condos is synonymous with the word Innovation.

Ideal Developments is excited to unravel a state-of-the-art car lift system that assists customers to park with absolute ease, the first of its kind in the city of Toronto. This innovative solution was identified by Ideal Developments during the planning stages of the Dragon Condos with the confidence that this would benefit our purchasers.

“This technology simplified our building process and sped up the timeframe to construct the underground parking garage and maximized the parking surface area” said Alireza Khosrowshahi, Vice President of Development and Construction. Most importantly, this introduction increases safety as our customers do not have to navigate through a dangerous ramp system as common in other high-rise developments.

This is one of the first developments to introduce this innovative technology in the City of Toronto, Ontario. Ideal felt compelled to introduce such brilliant technology as it aided in the construction of the underground parking garage and provided an ideal parking solution for  purchasers.

The unique parking garage lift operates from six synchronized hydraulic cylinders, one screw pump, a five horsepower motor and controller complete with constant pressure push button controls, to lift and lower the platforms. This unique platform design is engineered with the structural steel framing. With a capacity of 10,000 lbs/ 4550 kg, vehicles can be driven on and off the lift individually at various levels or can be used simply as a vehicle auto park.

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