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Ideal Hope Foundation – A Success Story

The Ideal Hope Foundation was established to enrich the lives of those in need by providing homes for everyone, to keep families together and call upon others to do the same. Its mission is to provide homes, inspire hope and contribute to the development of sustainable communities in the developing world. This will be accomplished through an integrated approach to both the funding and implementation of Ideal Hope.

Ideal Developments shares this same philosophy, and to this end established the Build Haven program.

The Buildhaven program gives Ideal Developments homebuyers the power to make a true difference without lifting a hand or spending an extra dollar. We call it Buildhaven and what it means, is this: For every home that Ideal Developments sells, we will also build a home for a deserving family in the developing world.

In Summer 2015, Ideal Developments successfully launched Modern Manors, a unique collection of 60 modern inspired homes in Richmond Hill, starting from the 400’s with sizes ranging from 885 sq.ft up to 1329 sq.ft. These homes feature an abundance of outdoor living space, including rooftop terraces and patios, suites that are appointed with the finest finishes, open concept layouts, and professional inspired kitchens that deliver the ultimate culinary experience.

Buildhaven is the first program of its kind in Canada, perhaps the world, and represents a strong philosophy of giving back to those in need. This program goes beyond building homes and rebuilds communities as a whole.

Buildhaven works with a level of transparency and integrity and open for others to participate. Customers can take pride in knowing that they contributed directly to improving the lives of those in need simply by purchasing a home from Ideal Developments, where dreams truly do become a reality. Pictures of these moments will be shared on, and customers will be given contact information and pictures of their partner family so that the bond established between them can continue into the future should they wish.

Buildhaven speaks to the heart of what Ideal Developments is all about. A home builder who wants to make the lives of their customers and the world a better place at the same time.

Townhouse Living

Buying a townhouse or a semi- detached home can make an excellent middle ground between a detached single home and condominium. Townhouses and semis are attached to other houses but sit directly on a parcel of land that you also own.

In the case of larger townhouse communities you will generally have an additional shared ownership of common areas of the complex and any or all amenities. You will share the ownership with other townhouse/semi-detached owners. This may involve a Homeowners Association which could have an impact on your experience as a homeowner.



May have less exterior maintenance and repairs to be responsible for Having neighbours may have less exterior maintenance and repairs to be responsible for. Having a neighbours home attached to yours may bring a higher level of security.

Lifestyle plus location

Lifestyle plus location determine success of new community

Forget the old axioms that only three things count in real estate-location, location, location.

In today’s new home market there are but two key factors: Location and lifestyle.

New homebuyers today are increasingly sophisticated and have a clear sense of what they are looking for. For a good many of them buying a new home will be a major decision. They know what they want in a home and a lifestyle.

More and more buyers are looking outside the GTA and will compare communities to see what each community offers.


Checklist for buying a home and location.

When looking for a home, community is important. More and more builders realize the importance of community living. Lifestyle has two faces. The first is what amenities already exist for new residents and the second is deciding on what amenities are important to you when choosing where you want to buy your next home.

 Checklist for buying a home and location.

Neighborhood–  Choose a neighbourhood that is closest to your lifestyle and personality-a place where you will feel comfortable and is close   to places you visit often such as the grocery store.


School District   The school district is certainly an important consideration. Check out the ranking of the schools in the community you are     considering.


Proximity to Work – The length of your daily commute can have a major impact on your lifestyle, disposable income and quality of life. How close to your work do you


Safety– For most people, safety is a top consideration. Feeling safe in your home and community is important.


Leisure Activities – What do you enjoy doing in your free time? If you love to go out to eat, you might not be happy living somewhere with few     restaurants. On the other hand, if your favorite thing to do is stay home, you might have more choices available to you when it comes to this aspect of choosing your location.

Once you’ve narrowed down the factors that are most important to you can begin to search new home communities to find your next home.

Architectural Considerations When Purchasing a Custom Home


A lot of us would love to design and build a custom home, a perfect house created just for us. A custom home is not just built by you, it is an extension of you.

Building a custom home requires a lot of strategic planning and effort, a fair amount of brainstorming is necessary for this process. Each of the designs chosen by you during the building process is something that is built to your standard.

Here are Some Architectural Considerations One Should Look into When Purchasing a Custom Home:

1. Prioritize Features: When designing a custom home, it is easy to let you imagination run wild. It’s important to prioritize essential features based on convenience. Lay out the primary functions of the new space so that its is fully utilized and incorporates a room layout that optimizes the entire square floor plan rather than leaving additional space that will not be used.

No one would appreciate the wasted space attached behind the bedroom when it could more likely be converted into a walk in closet or an attached room for a workspace.

2. Layout Build for Convenience: It makes more sense to construct a design where your garage is adjacent to the kitchen providing for a convenient route when your return home from grocery shopping. Or designing your mud room closer to the washroom and the laundry room. You have to always consider improving your experience by optimizing the accessibility of everything.

3. Ideal Lighting: It is a little-known fact that light has a strong influence on humans. Bad lighting can lead to feelings of depression, weight gain, daytime sleepiness, lethargy and social withdrawal.

Customizing the rooms of your home by implementing skylights or french windows to maximize lighting can create a cheery and airy atmosphere at your home.

It is also wise to think how the electric lighting at your home will aid for comfort. For instance, installing bright lighting for kitchen countertops to assist in food preparation. Lighting that corresponds to rooms is ideal for creating the right mood, for example: dimming sconces in the bedroom or dining room can create a sense of romance or peace.

4. The Right Flooring Options: The design flow must also include how your family might function in each space. In rooms such as the living room, or the dining room which tends to gather more people, it is more advisable to use flooring that’s a naturally beautiful material and has a cushioned surface which adds for comfort.

5.Think About the Future: A custom home marks the development of the foundation for your life. If you are a couple, will you be planning to have kids? Do you need to plan for accommodating grandchildren or grandparents over during the holidays? Will you need to transition from an office job to operating your own business out of your own home?

If you start customizing your home without taking these factors into account it can lead to a very uncomfortable situation.

In the end, you need to hire the right partner to advise you and steer you in the right direction. Ideal Developments will go the extra mile to make sure your home is exactly what you want it to be.

Ideal Developments Continues To Build Dreams With Custom Home Division

TORONTO, ON – Building on the foundation of acute customer care and construction excellence, while harnessing the success of its commercial arm, Ideal Developments has expanded its breadth of services to include custom built homes. Heralded as one of the most client-focused full-service real estate and design/build firms in the GTA, Ideal Developments applies their knowledge and adeptness at building larger, commercial ventures and offers piece of mind and unparalleled results every step of the way.

With the advent of the New Year, which has brought with it a robust housing market, there is no better time to consider a custom-built home. In addition to a matchless knowledge of their trade, Ideal Developments understands that the product of a custom build is far more than just bricks and mortar, but a living environment. “We at Ideal Developments realize that every customer is unique,” says CEO Shaji Nada. “We strive to build a completely personalized space that goes far beyond the traditional definition of the ‘home’ and helps shape a lifestyle and create a living, breathing environment that is truly an extension of the owner,” Nada adds. “The Ideal Developments team works tirelessly to understand their clients in an effort to provide an end result that is a true reflection of their needs, wants and desires. It is this type of thinking that separates Ideal from its competitors,” Nada concludes.

From conceptual design, financial management, project supervision and handover, the committed team expertly manages each and every project from start to finish; offering their clients one-on-one counseling every step of the way and truly turning dreams into a reality.


About Ideal Developments

Ideal Developments is a full service real estate development company covering the complete spectrum of land development: from site acquisition; design; securing city approvals; construction and project marketing and sales. Our focus is to develop home

Beautifully Designed Custom Homes In Canada

Maybe the biggest advantage of opting to build a custom home is its enormous potential to become something much more than a home – a work of art. Blending the serene Canadian landscape with the personalities of respective homeowners, here are examples of some of the most beautifully designed customs homes around Canada. The key to beautiful design is not just the aesthetic, but also the functionality. These homes provide a safe, personal environment with completely customized amenities and are, in our opinion, absolutely stunning to look at. These are homes you can brag about.

Have a look at some of the most beautifully designed custom homes in Canada:

Davis Residence (Toronto)

This impeccably designed house gives a sense of expansive lightness with it’s interplay of open and closed spaces. Designed by the firm Abramson Teiger, it is inspired by their work in Southern California and adapted suit the Canadian climate. Natural light is key – with intelligently designed open structures allowing a warm ambiance. Tastefully added artificial lighting complements this perfectly. Inside the house, the wooden floor adds to the warmth, along with the Abramson Teiger signature skylights in the vast kitchen/living room. Perhaps the classiest feature, though, would be the 16 foot wide and 5 feet high fish tank overlooking the indoor swimming pool.



Beachaus I (White Rock) 

Where you live does define who you are. This home is built in a way that blends the coziness of dark wood with the activity and efficiency of open spaces. Designed by the Seattle based architect Chris Pardo, co-founder of Pb Elemental, Beachaus is inspired by the beautiful California beachfront homes. This is an example of how you and your custom home developer can come together and build something utterly personal.



Mountainside Home (British Columbia)

 Imagine having a window that opens up to some of the most pristine natural surroundings in the world. This waterfront mountainside home in British Columbia gives you exactly that, and more. A badly designed house in a scenic setting might be the worst crime – not only is it an insult to you, it is an insult to the stunning environment around you. This house, though, is simply beautiful. Designed by David Tyrell Architecture, it blends in perfectly with the British Columbian mountainside. A hilltop cabin for Bruce Wayne, maybe?



Parthenon Place Residence (North Vancouver)

Custom homes give you the freedom to execute out-of-the-box ideas which end up defining the feel of your place. For example, the revolving main door of this North Vancouver property gives it a unique charm and austerity – you know you’re entering a house, but it still feels like Tiffany’s. A brainchild of California based Schmidt Architecture, this beautiful home’s interior is a tasteful blend of natural materials like wood and stone with a splash of steel to spice things up.



Waterfront Hideaway (Gambier Island)

If you are a nature lover, a waterfront custom home designed with organic materials should be something you might be interested in. This beautiful hideaway is designed by New York based architect Joel Turkel. The cozy log cabin from the outside transforms into a spacious and modern living space, defined by the charming interaction of glass and dark wood. Surrounded by a thicket of trees, this beautiful custom home evokes a sense of nostalgia.



Custom homes have vast possibilities. They are essentially environments you build around you, complimenting your personality and lifestyle. You too, can build an alluring home like this. It can be your safe space, your statement and your very own work of art. Get in touch with Ideal Developments for further assistance in building your dream house.

The Ideal Process For Building Custom Homes In Toronto

Custom homes give you the authority to design the space you want to live in and assert your individuality, by giving you complete freedom to personalise it according to your tastes. The vibrant city of Toronto, and the burgeoning GTA, can be a perfect canvas for your custom home. Living in a beautiful house is a dream cherished by everyone since their childhood. As kids, there is no limit to our imagination – marshmallow walls, ice-cream taps and a moat around the castle. As we grow up, our dreams become more functional and less Willy Wonka-esque, but the idea of having a home that is designed to exactly fit your wants and lifestyle is still alluring. Working with a good custom home developer, you can make your dream a customized reality.

Here is how the process for building custom homes in Toronto should ideally work:

Step 1 – Know What You Want

Designing and building a home is not about bricks-and-mortar and stock amenities. It is an incredibly subtle and emotional process. This is a space where you are planning to spend the key moments of the rest of your life, and it needs to be special. Documenting your ideas for your new home is a smart first step. Simple decisions like ‘how many bedrooms?’ and ‘jacuzzi or no jacuzzi?’ taken early in the process will help you in sketching out more specific details like, maybe a game room with a pool table or the pinball machine you always wanted, a gym, or a more spacious and functional kitchen. A good custom home developer will help you plan your home with due consideration to your current and future needs and budgetary restrictions.

Step 2 – Design and Architectural Planning

Designing and architecture is where your ideas are quantified into specifics. An architectural blueprint is essentially your home on paper; you might as well start deciding where the TV should go. You can reconsider your ideas and change specifics now – maybe you do want that jacuzzi afterall. Working with your custom home developer, you can now start on the minute changes and details – from the height of your doorway to the tiling in your living room. Here is your chance to really define the place you want to live in.

Step 3 – Planning Your Finances

A custom home means custom finances too – you can get rid of unwanted fitting and design costs which you have to bear in a standard production home. Your custom home developer should work out cost estimations and assist you in properly optimizing your finances to fit your requirements. The estimates will include everything from the cost of material, construction and labor of the home and the specific accessories and amenities which you have asked for. Investing in a custom home in Toronto or in the GTA is a difficult process, and this will give you the exact idea so as to plan your personal finances and stay on top of the game.

Step 4 – Construction

Now comes the actual construction process. The model on paper will now be transformed into a house. Here, the trustworthiness of your custom home developer is the key. The most rudimentary function of a house is safety, and there should be no compromise in the reliability of the materials used. A well designed house with a solid foundation and stress proof materials will keep you safe. Constructing the house exactly according to the plans and blueprints approved by you is also important. This is a step where no short-cuts are allowed.

Step 5 – Furnishing and Finishing Touches

Your house is nearly ready. Now that needs to be done is the furnishing and decoration. Here is where you can really make your mark. It is important that your custom home developer has a dedicated design team to assist you in this task. Brainstorm about how you want the feel of the place to be like – minimalist with a splash of classical here and there, or baroque with a nostalgic mantelpiece like the one that used to be in your grandma’s house. Personalise your place with meaningful art by your favorite artists from Toronto and around the world. Choose the right accessories, colors, decor according to your taste. Make it your own. You deserve to.

Step 6 – Handover

This is the most exciting step for you and your dedicated custom home developer. Your completely customized home now adorns the city of Toronto or a town in the GTA. Moreover, it is an environment that has been carefully created specifically for you – and it asserts your refined taste. After All, su casa is… su casa.

Get in touch with Ideal Developments for custom home requirements in Toronto and the GTA. With our vast experience in catering to varied needs of satisfied customers and high standards of excellence, we can help you make your childhood dream a reality.

7 Things to Look For In A Land Developer

Land Development Involves Making Changes to a Piece of land to Improve its Value Land development refers to making changes to a piece of land to raise/improve its value. Increasingly, this process leads to better communities, and an improved standard of living. One of the best examples of this is within Toronto.

Land Development in Toronto

Nowadays the image of the city plays a significant role in establishing the value of the land, the more prosperous the city the greater the value of land in and around that city. Sometimes, as predictions spring up that that a city is on the brink of development, the value land increases, and the people that were lucky to own land before the value increase can make a fortune.

In Toronto, the cost of land has literally increased exponentially, and the cost will continue to change dramatically. Many companies seeing this opportunity have decided to work towards it, Ideal Developments among them. You can watch the city grow, year over year, into one of the most advanced cities in North America.

What to Look For in a Land Developer

1) Higher Returns In Future, Guaranteed

Investing in a plot of land usually guarantees higher returns in the long run, but it is important to invest in the right piece of land. With the help of your land developer or real estate manager you will easily find that right piece of land.

Make sure the land you are interested in buying serves the purpose, actually buying a well located and reasonably priced place may seem like a good idea and usually is but may not always seem feasible in the long run.

Everyone is trying to maximize their profits and there is nothing wrong with that as long as it is done legally, make sure that the place you are buying benefits you and not just the developer selling it to you.

When you meet the land developer makes sure everything seems forthcoming and don’t just take his word for it, always always always double check.

2) Property Should Serve The Purpose

Make sure the land you are interested in buying serves the purpose, actually buying a well located and reasonably priced place may seem like a good idea and usually is but may not always seem feasible in the long run.

3) Legalities Are Very Important

Everyone is trying to maximize their profits and there is nothing wrong with that as long as it is done legally, make sure that the place you are buying benefits you and not just the developer selling it to you.

4) Blind Trust In The Land Developer

When you meet the land developer makes sure everything seems forthcoming and don’t just take his word for it, always always always double check.

5) Visionary Thinking

While capital gains are important, the land developer you work with should have a larger, more altruistic goal to build a community and give back. Without thoughtful land development, we’re left with poorly built neighborhoods

6) Land Examination

What is their process? Did they do their due diligence? Make sure the Land Developer you have chosen to work with has spent time determining why the plot you’re looking at is the best place to invest time and money. Without this process, you’ll be left in an unfavourable situation

7) A Good Team

Most importantly, make sure your land developer has a strong and capable team. Land Development requires expertise in design, planning, legal, and crunching numbers. If your land developer is trying to do all of this without the right team, the developer might harm, and not help, your property’s value.

Proper land development means building tomorrow. The return on investment is fantastic, but there’s a lot more to it. We can’t rest our hopes on the developer’s ability to make money. Look at the bigger picture; you and everyone else will be better off in the end!

Dragon Condos Exceeds Expectations

Downtown Toronto project on track to commence construction phase with sales exceeding 80%

TORONTO, Oct. 11, 2013 /CNW/ – Ideal Developments Inc. is excited to announce that their downtown Toronto condo project, Dragon Condos, has surpassed another major milestone. Having acquired the needed City of Toronto approvals to initiate construction, the team is set to enter their first phase of development with sales exceeding 80%. This landmark achievement has set the stage for immense success as they move towards their summer 2015 completion date.

Dragon Condos is a modern 10-story building boasting 95 residential suites. Complete with rooftop amenities and retail space on the ground level, Ideal Developments is looking to introduce a refined approach to metropolitan living in the alluring Spadina and Dundas neighborhood. “The success of our projects has come as a result of thorough preparation and hard work,” says Ideal Developments CEO, Shaji Nada. “The Dragon Condos project was inspired by the character and lifestyle of Chinatown. The success of the project for the residents and business owners will bring to life an unparalleled experience of Toronto culture and living. This is what Ideal Developments is about: creating communities,” Nada adds.

Having met all of the city’s bylaws coupled with the 80% sale threshold, Ideal illustrates remarkable fortitude in a tumultuous condo market. A major factor in the project’s strong sales is the unwavering support from the community, especially local business owners, who are welcoming this residential project with open arms. “The CBIA’s main concern is to make Chinatown safer, cleaner and basically a great place to visit, dine and live. The Dragon Condos is warmly welcomed by the CBIA as the first residential condo redevelopment in 20 years and as a great contributor to our community goals,” states the Chair of Chinatown’s Business Improvement Area (CBIA), Tonny Louie.

With Dragon Condos on track to for completion in the summer of 2015, and 3 additional projects set to break ground in Toronto, Richmond Hill and Mississauga in the next year, Ideal Developments shows no signs of slowing down.

About Ideal Developments

Ideal Developments is a full service real estate development company covering the complete spectrum of land development: from site acquisition; design; securing city approvals; construction; project marketing and sales. Our focus is to develop homes and neighborhoods that meet the demands of the rapidly changing needs of communities. Ideal Developments prides itself on its commitment to upholding customer satisfaction, and is proud of the dedication and attention provided to our consumers. Ideal Developments is able to provide excellent services, affordable homes without compromising the high-quality standards through its highly specialized team of expert.

SOURCE Ideal Developments Inc.