Biking Is Ideal!

There’s a good reason why Ideal Developments provides every purchaser at Dragon Condos with a bike. Ideal believes that cycling is, well, ideal! Ideal for the environment, ideal for health and ideal for getting around the city efficiently.

Located on Spadina just south of Dundas in the heart of downtown Toronto, Dragon Condos is a spectacular residence . . . but let’s face it. Getting around in downtown Toronto can be a real drag . . . no pun intended! As huge supporters of the bicycle as the preferred mode of transportation for urbanites, Ideal Developments factored bicycle parking into their design for Dragon Condos.

So what makes biking such a great option for downtowners? Recent changes to street structures downtown include bike lanes on many of the main arteries, making it safer and more efficient. In fact, cyclers can often reach their destinations faster than motorists or public transit users.

Biking is a lot cheaper than driving a car. No gas, fluids, insurance or expensive maintenance required.  And bicycle parking is cheap if not free. Surely you’ve got better ways to spend the average $200 a month it costs to park downtown!

Bike riding provides a huge health benefit. As the most energy efficient mode of transportation on the planet, the only fuel a bicycle uses is your own! Statistics show that the average new bicycle rider will lose 13 pounds during their first year of bicycle commuting if they maintain the same eating habits.

But it’s not just about the physical health benefits. Bicycle riding reduces stress, it’s therapeutic for the mind and spirit and it’s fun to do! It’s also a great recreational activity with friends and family.

When it comes to environmental concerns like greenhouse gases and disgusting fuel emissions, a four-mile bicycle trip keeps about 15 pounds of pollutants out of the air we breathe. Aside from eliminating pollution, bicycling also reduces the demand for parking lots and paving the earth. It reduces road wear and tear. And it telegraphs your concern for the future.

For many downtown condo dwellers, the bicycle is not only the preferred mode of transportation, given its efficiency, low cost and health and environmental benefits, it’s often the only alternative to foot power! For people who don’t want to take on the expense of a car, or for people who for whatever reason don’t drive, the bicycle is the ideal alternative!