Beautifully Designed Custom Homes In Canada

Maybe the biggest advantage of opting to build a custom home is its enormous potential to become something much more than a home – a work of art. Blending the serene Canadian landscape with the personalities of respective homeowners, here are examples of some of the most beautifully designed customs homes around Canada. The key to beautiful design is not just the aesthetic, but also the functionality. These homes provide a safe, personal environment with completely customized amenities and are, in our opinion, absolutely stunning to look at. These are homes you can brag about.

Have a look at some of the most beautifully designed custom homes in Canada:

Davis Residence (Toronto)

This impeccably designed house gives a sense of expansive lightness with it’s interplay of open and closed spaces. Designed by the firm Abramson Teiger, it is inspired by their work in Southern California and adapted suit the Canadian climate. Natural light is key – with intelligently designed open structures allowing a warm ambiance. Tastefully added artificial lighting complements this perfectly. Inside the house, the wooden floor adds to the warmth, along with the Abramson Teiger signature skylights in the vast kitchen/living room. Perhaps the classiest feature, though, would be the 16 foot wide and 5 feet high fish tank overlooking the indoor swimming pool.



Beachaus I (White Rock) 

Where you live does define who you are. This home is built in a way that blends the coziness of dark wood with the activity and efficiency of open spaces. Designed by the Seattle based architect Chris Pardo, co-founder of Pb Elemental, Beachaus is inspired by the beautiful California beachfront homes. This is an example of how you and your custom home developer can come together and build something utterly personal.



Mountainside Home (British Columbia)

 Imagine having a window that opens up to some of the most pristine natural surroundings in the world. This waterfront mountainside home in British Columbia gives you exactly that, and more. A badly designed house in a scenic setting might be the worst crime – not only is it an insult to you, it is an insult to the stunning environment around you. This house, though, is simply beautiful. Designed by David Tyrell Architecture, it blends in perfectly with the British Columbian mountainside. A hilltop cabin for Bruce Wayne, maybe?



Parthenon Place Residence (North Vancouver)

Custom homes give you the freedom to execute out-of-the-box ideas which end up defining the feel of your place. For example, the revolving main door of this North Vancouver property gives it a unique charm and austerity – you know you’re entering a house, but it still feels like Tiffany’s. A brainchild of California based Schmidt Architecture, this beautiful home’s interior is a tasteful blend of natural materials like wood and stone with a splash of steel to spice things up.



Waterfront Hideaway (Gambier Island)

If you are a nature lover, a waterfront custom home designed with organic materials should be something you might be interested in. This beautiful hideaway is designed by New York based architect Joel Turkel. The cozy log cabin from the outside transforms into a spacious and modern living space, defined by the charming interaction of glass and dark wood. Surrounded by a thicket of trees, this beautiful custom home evokes a sense of nostalgia.



Custom homes have vast possibilities. They are essentially environments you build around you, complimenting your personality and lifestyle. You too, can build an alluring home like this. It can be your safe space, your statement and your very own work of art. Get in touch with Ideal Developments for further assistance in building your dream house.

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