Platinum Sponsor for the 1st Annual Tamil Fest

Ideal Developments continued to make its mark in the community

as the Platinum Sponsor for the 1st Annual Tamil Fest that took place at Morningside. Over

30,000 people gathered during the course of both days where attendees experienced elements

of Tamil culture first-hand and a taste of Tamil cuisine. With over 350 000 Tamil people living in

Toronto, Tamil Fest exclusively showcased a wonderful celebration of traditional Tamil food,

music, and culture, which has never been done in Toronto.

“”Kubes Navaratnam, Director of Corporate and Legal Affairs at Ideal Developments said late

Saturday afternoon.

Ideal Developments did more than just being a Platinum Sponsor. Throughout both days, amid

the heat, Tamil Fest attendees were able to cool themselves in the Ideal Cool Zone, a misting

tent that Ideal had set up. Furthermore, staff from Ideal developments conducted a photo kiosk,

where families and groups of friends were able to have their pictures taken with various props

made available. To top things off, Ideal Developments gave away iPad tablets to lucky winners

on each day. Overall, Ideal was able to engage extensively with the community members,

young and old, in fun-filled way.

Ideal Developments was founded by its President and CEO Shaji Nada, who merged his vision

and passion for innovation into a multi-disciplinary real estate development company. Ideal is a

full service real estate development company covering the complete spectrum of land

development: from site acquisition; design; securing city approvals; construction and project

marketing and sales. Our focus is to develop homes and neighborhoods that meet the demands

and rapidly changing needs of communities. We offer the latest in modern and classical home


Contributing to a huge success, Ideal Developments will continue to support and encourage

future annual Tamil Fest festivities.

Visit Ideal Developments new office centre located on 1100 Rodick Road or email to find out how to become a member of the community building.