Ideal Developments utilizes innovative products that offer superior performance and quality, contributing to a greener environmental footprint. As a result, your new home is designed and built to offer greater comfort, cleaner indoor air and reduced energy costs.

Ideal Developments has developed a program that exceeds the Ontario Building Code (OBC). Each community undergoes a stringent process that incorporates the latest trends in energy-saving design and construction techniques, with the goal of optimizing sustainability.

Features may include;

  • Drought-tolerant sod that helps save the consumption of water.
  • A Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) delivers fresh filtered air throughout the home and continuously re-circulates that fresh air for improved ventilation, air quality and comfort while reducing energy costs.
  • Main entry door(s) feature impressive doors with thermal insulation to reduce heating and cooling energy consumption.
  • Caulking and weather-stripping on insulated fiberglass and metal entry doors
  • Low maintenance Low-E, Argon filled vinyl casement windows at front, rear and side elevations (as per plan).
  • All windows are Energy Star rated.
  • All windows will be spray foam insulated and installed with vapour barrier and caulked
  • Patio sliding doors with thermopane, tempered glass with screen.
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified products that use 30% less energy than non-ENERGY STAR® qualified products, saving you money while emitting fewer greenhouse gases.
  • Water saving shower heads on all showers with temperature control valves.
  • Toilets in your home have a low flush, reducing water consumption.
  • Innovative flexible & durable thermoplastic plumbing supply lines throughout contributes to less copper in water, no knocking and less condensation.
  • Programmable thermostat for optimal energy savings.
  • EnergyStar® rated HVAC system with high-efficiency tankless water heater (purchaser rental).
  • Low-emitting carpets are installed in your home that reduce the volume of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air, allowing your family to breathe easier
  • Interior lights with CFL or LED Energy Star qualified bulbs
  • Home are constructed with a continuous vapour barrier and draft-proof electrical boxes on all exterior walls for increased air tightness and energy conservation
  • Exterior, basements and attic walls are insulated to prevent heat loss or gain
  • All insulated areas are to be covered by poly vapour barriers, Tyvek/Typar (or equivalent)
  • High performance basement includes a TYVEK-type air barrier installed on basement walls for improved humidity control (excluding cold cellar) and R12 basement wall insulation, height as per O.B.C.
  • All heating and cooling ductwork located in basement will be taped.

Ideal Developments takes pride in delivering homes with sustainable features that help save our homeowners’ hard earned money by reducing energy and water consumption, yielding lower utility costs.