Shajiraj Nadarajalingam

Shaji Nada is the President and CEO of Ideal Developments and founder of the Ideal Group of Companies that includes Ideal Developments, Ideal Entertainment, Ideal Incubator, Ideal Asset Corp., and the well-established Ideal Hope Foundation Inc.

He is recognized as an industry leader specializing in the construction of high-rise/mixed-use residential, commercial, conversion projects and luxury custom homes. His visionary approach has resulted in rapid growth for the Ideal Group of Companies through its main enterprise – Ideal Developments Inc., one of the fastest growing real estate development companies in the GTA.
Shaji has a successful entrepreneurial background in launching and operating thriving companies in the real estate, investment and construction industries. His broad experience provides vital insights into strategic planning and operations.

Shaji is also a philanthropist whose efforts in making the world a better place, has had significant impact in many disadvantaged communities across the globe.